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About Dr. Fun Fong

Dr. Fun Fong has lived in Cobb County for over 25 years. He and his wife chose to raise their daughter in Cobb because they valued the beauty and tradition of one of Atlanta's oldest suburbs. Now that his daughter is grown , Dr. Fong is inspired to do more to preserve the community for future generations.
Dr. Fong has a lifelong history of success and leadership, from president of the high school chess club to student government president in medical school. He has always been driven to lead to improve the world around him. These early experiences led to leadership in many professional and civic organizations including the Georgia Chess Association, Chess Buddies, Inc. and the Executive Board of the US Chess Federation.
Dr. Fong is Board Certified in emergency medicine with a degree from the University of Arkansas. He has been practicing emergency medicine for over thirty years, worked at two trauma centers, contracted with the Department of Energy, the National Disaster Medical System and the Centers for Disease Control.
Dr. Fong has studied process and procedure in private, non-profit, academic, and governmental organizations. His involvement in governmental agencies showed him the ineffectiveness of government. Dr. Fong has also seen the accomplishments of governmental and non-governmental organizations when superior leadership and organization are applied. Dr. Fong is looking forward to using his expertise and resources in the Georgia General Assembly.

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